Internet Down! +QT GUI

It’s been quite a time arond in my area, as my internet has been down. I think it had something to do with some lightning recently, but it’s been quite a problematic time without the internet! On sunday I had to finish my chemistry report as it was due to tomorrow, and I only missed some few pictures, but then I realised that the internet was down, so I did it quickly in the morning :).

While the internet was down, i’ve been working on the editor, and before it was quite a mess, and i switched from MFC to WPF and now to Qt. But the code behind the interface is much cleaner now. For 2 3 days I was trying to figure out why Qt wouldn’t compile( I needed to compile to Visual Studio 2012 for QT5 ), and then i figured out that my antivirus (norton) was somehow blocking it, so I had to compile in safe-mode, which took at least 3-4 hours!

Other than that the engine has been optimized more and I have rewritten a few pieces of code, but in the past Sunday I also created a Beta GUI (screenshot below), with the following features:

-Textures (+bump+opacity mapping)
-Fog (new)
-Wind (new)
-Global Light
-Object Managment (100% bug tested, took a long time to test :))

And that’s more or less it, please be aware that I’m only 1 day into the gui.

Quote: More code doesn’t equal better, less code with the same result is normally better.


3 thoughts on “Internet Down! +QT GUI

  1. Looking good, Miguel!
    I guess I’ll be seeing you in the media soon: Worlds youngest and smartest programmer! 🙂

      • Det er godt timet – lige efter vores projektuge er færdig, og vi har fremlagt 🙂
        Har du da ferie nu? 🙂
        Og hvor lang tid er du i Danmark? 🙂

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