Cuboid Engine – Forest and Instancing

I have now redone my instancing system to use quad trees for calculating the visible area, my next step is probably to implement frustum culling. This re-invented instancing system allows me to implement some cool stuff, like a small forest because of it’s speed. Please be aware that I’m not an artist 🙂

In this scene there is: (62650 Instances)

  • 50 000 Instances of Grass
  • 10 000 Instances of Grass B
  • 250 Instances of Tree A
  • 200 Instances of Tree B
  • 200 Instances of Tree C
  • 250 Instances of Tree D
  • 250 Instances of Bush A
  • 250 Instances of Bush B
  • 250 Instances of Flower A
  • 250 Instances of Flower B
  • 250 Instances of Fern
  • 500 Instances of Ground Plant

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