BIOS Failure – Incompatibility between drivers.

YES! Kinda… 🙂

So I came to the solution that these files:

trufos.sys and mpio.sys

Were incompatible, and as the system doesn’t want to loose performance, it doesn’t check for it… Genius!

So the solution was to re-program the BIOS Driver, through the WinFlash provided by Asus. And In this case it’s safe to use WinFlash as it was provided through the default BIOS installed.

Now I’m soon going to scan for viruses and such as I’m kinda scared of touching my PC :), because viruses that corrupt the BIOS do exist!

Let’s just hope that in the future that they will disable the easy flashing feature in the future, as their only security is the incompatibility of BIOS Drivers, as they differ.

BIOS: Basic Input / Output Stream

Now I’m still not really sure what caused this, therefore, SHERLOCK MODE ACTIVATED!

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