The unimaginable happened – Worst day of my life!

Hi guys…  😦

Today something happened, something that I never thought would have happened. As you know, there is this little evil thing called the Blue Screen Of Death, and that striked me today.

About 21:30 yesterday, I was playing payday the haist, and boom! BSOD! That was probably the worst scare of my life, as all my data and creations is on that computer, and it’s my precious!

Now I do occasionally make backups of my creations, but I’ve made so much since the last one!

I tried to start windows normally again, and BOOM! Just after the logo, and from that moment I knew that I was kinda screwed… 😦

I’ve read many issues now and I have come to this point:

Error Code:

Hardware Error ( 😦 )


After many issues read, I have come to the conclusion of that it’s a driver issue!

But first, I successfully went into safe mode, and right now as I’m writing, it’s copying all my data, if something would make it stay the way it is.

I just hope that I’m going to repair it successfully!

Ohh, and today I’m sick… 😦

Best. Day. Ever!

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