Cuboid Engine – Port to Release Mode – Deferred Rendering

Hello once again!


For now my PC has appeared to be stable, so I’ll just let it be that way for now.

Engine now runs again, on new pc OS (Required a lot of work!)


The engine has been ported to the release mode which is a huge step for me 🙂

The engine has an improved architecture now, as I’m approaching deferred lighting more and more, so now I’m only rendering the scene 2-3 times max, which includes:

  • GBuffer Pass (Albedo, Normals, Depth, Base Lighting via 4 Multi-Render Targets)
  • Glow Map Pass

The material system has the deferred shader integrated, and the only thing you modify is the albedo output and the vertex shader when writing materials, so it’s flexible.

In the few past days, I’ve just made a very small playable demo (in the release mode), which was alright:

PS. Though you can’t see it, stars are kinda flying past you, which creates this cool effect 🙂

Another Update:

I’m moving to Denmark!

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