Cuboid Engine – SSAO – Scripting

In a nutshell:

  • Fixed SSAO with new pipeline, nice results
  • Improved scripting, plus CDK Scripting IDE


So as I mentioned in the previous posts, I have changed my engine architecture, mostly GPU side, approaching the deferred way. What’s left?

  • Lighting (Well the correct way :))

Screenshot of SSAO working: (The SSAO is visible where there is contact between the plane and the cube, left to the shadows)


The SSAO buffer, the artifacts around the plane and on the top of the cube are created because there is simply nothing around them, which I haven’t programmed CDK to handle, ohh and in the bottom, it seems like there are some falso occlusions, why?, I really don’t know yet, but that day will come :):


CDK Scripting – Scripting:

Implemented my actor system (just started), structure:

  • Actor->
  1. Mesh pointer :: a pointer to the mesh which the script can access, this will change though
  2. Controller :: the controller is a pathway to the script object, and yes, the scripting is object oriented, it’s actually almost C#!

And the good thing is that, when calling actorx.update (Each actor HAS to have an update function, inherited from it’s master), the fps loss is around 1, with ~20 actors! But the functions are almost empty :)…

Changes to the Scripting IDE:

  • Proper visualization of errors and warnings, like:
    In file x
    Line x
    Code type
  • Fixed bug of duplication of errors and warnings.
  • Fixed bug of icon creation error
  • Automatic solution refreshing when compiling, so you only have to touch the candy! 🙂

Well, i guess that’s it for now, see you next time!

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