Light Propagation Volumes – Emission

So after a long battle with an invisible enemy, I defeated the evil bug, with some awesome help from the forums! ( kudos to bacterious and the gd chat! ):

So below theres a gif that shows a mantis ( thats what theyre called right? ) floating. The mantis emits a color without any lighting hitting it, as seen at the bottom of the grass.

This doesnt seem very difficult, but the problem was that over the few past days I was tyring to figure out a bug, which turned out to be a blending issue. Anyway, the result!


  • I made it look eye candy ( for me atleast ), so the tone mapping is slightly … wrong Posted Image
  • The background changes a bit because of luminance adaptation, because the object is seriously bright, emission is at max.

Posted Image

Until next times fellas!


Yes yes, feed my children, feed! Feed! FEEED!

Posted Image

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