Volumetric Lighting!

So one topic that we all hear over and over is VOLUMETRIC LIGHTING ( caps intended ). Why? Because its so damn awesome. Why not? Because it can get expensive depending on the hardware. So after countless of tries I scrapped the code I’ve been wanting to shoot then resurrect then shoot again and just wrote what made sense, and it worked!

The implementation is actually really simple, in simple terms I did it like this: ( I havent optimized it yet, E.g. I should do it all in light view space )

// Number of raymarches
steps = 50

// Get world space position
positionWS = GetPosition();

// Get world space position of the pixel
rayWS = GetWorldSpacePixelPos();

// Get ray between world space position and pixel world space pos
v = positionWS - rayWS;
vStep = v / steps;

color = 0,0,0
for i = 0 to steps
    rayWS += vStep;

    // Calculate view and proj space rayWS
    rayWSVS = ...
    rayWSPS = ...

    // Does this position recieve light?
    occlusion = GetShadowOcclusion(..., rayWSPS);

    // Do some fancy math about energy
    energy = ... * occlusion * ...

    color += energy.xxx;

return color * gLightColor;

Results: ( Its not done yet )

Posted Image

Posted Image

Thats all! Until next time!

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