This isn’t really a new big update, just me talking a bit and showing some pictures. 🙂

Well, as the title suggests I wanted to play with trees, to see how my shading model handles vegetation together with GI. Now aside from the performance as I’ve disabled any frustum culling, the performance is not too bad. However there’s still LOTS of work in the shading model of surfaces where light is guaranteed to pass through, so the images might be a bit weird…

There’s also a few problems with my volumetric lighting. Currently I find the vector between the world space position and the world space position of the pixel, but, if the ray is TOO long, then what? I know there’s some really nice research published by Intel that describes large scale outdoor volumetric lighting, however I’m not going to dive into that right now as it’s a lot of work.

So, as people want to see pictures, I give you pictures!

Posted Image
Now, for the fun of it, why not render 6000 trees!

Posted Image

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