Hi, my name is Miguel Neves Petersen!

My GameDev profile: http://www.gamedev.net/user/200374-migi0027/

I’m just a random guy from the internet which for some reason really loves to do anything related to code. My main interest lies within Graphics, Neural Networks, Networking and Compilers, and I’m not really sure why.

Since I was a kid I always loved played games ( Who didn’t? I still play, too much ), but like every kid I wanted to make my own games, because it would have been cool! So, I found the games Wikipedia site and found out what “engine” is used. So from there I started messing around with these engines, although I was no natural.

Although, I thought, as games are made of an engine, engines are made of “something”. Then I saw these magical things such as “Visual C++”, “Visual Basic”, “Visual C#”, etc… So I started messing around. Obviously in the beginning all my stuff was unorganized thoughts, but then along the line I started fixating on projects, and then it became interesting.

My projects ranged from Graphics Engines to Neural Networks to Social Websites, but the most significant one is the Graphics Engine, which is most I talk about on this blog.

So yeah, that’s me, Miguel Petersen, a guy that loves messing around.


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