Terrain painting implemented!

I finally got the terrain painting implemented, and as well improved the material system. My next goal is to implement Bump Mapping…




I’m entering Junior Achievement Portugal, which isn’t only for portugal…

So I’m entering this competition with some of my friends from my school.

Our product isn’t my engine :(, but still good! It’s a website for businesses to communicate and as we say, make a bridge between the businesses. The website is mainly being developed in PHP, Apache, MySQL, HTML( 🙂 ) and some other 3rd parties( Like CodeIgniter ).


So yeah… The website has some pretty features, but there’s much more!

Update on engine:

  • Fixed getting change in time, the engine now measures in microseconds.
  • GOAL: Advanced materials and shaders…

MFC Update

Hi guys,

as i said, I’m porting my whole editor to mfc, and I’m generally pleased with MFC.

Results(Not final):

These are just some few screenshots.

Features yet to go(Compared with the old .net form):

  • Terrain Painting window – the actual system is ready.
  • .Obj loading – just missing to add a simple button and one command…

After that, i can finally continue my development of my engine 🙂