Cuboid Engine Optimizations and JAP

All right guys,

so I’ve been busy with some few competitions, for some wierd reason we after all came in to the JAP (somehow some businesses gave up), but sadly we only got the 3rd place, little Resume:

So some teams gave up, so some space were available, so we came in. Though we got the 3rd place of the whole portugal (160-180 Businesses), I belive that we should have got the 1st place as we were the only ones who actually build the product ourselves, and didn’t ask another company to do so :(. But it’s something!

In the context of Cuboid Engine, now that the competition is over, I can finally return to my precious… :). But today I implemented Uber Shading, just to increase performance, it looks somehow like this:


  • Loads of Shaders
  • Time wasted in applying shader bffs to ID3D11DeviceContext
  • Time wasted in blending / alpha support
  • Loads of draw calls (per mesh)


  • One shader for everything
  • One draw call (per mesh)
  • No alpha
  • Only one apply function per frame (not only once as 3rd party may be messing with my device context).

So basically in my Uber Shader High Level Shader Language File i have a struct with loads if integers, like this: cbuffer UberData {int _diff; int _text; int _dirlight; int _bumpmap;}


Utoping Network Update – New Features

Okay, so as i promised, here are some photos of the updated Utoping Network:

The pictures below are only some few of the new features, as some of the new features are still under development like: My Page ( A custom editor for a company’s page) and My Gallery (A gallery, can share images).

I hope you like it! 🙂

New engine features

So it’s been a while since I’ve made a post, and so I decided to make on now.

So my engine (Cuboid Engine) has progressed a lot so far, here are some few new features:

  • Curves / Line system (Dynamic)
  • Terrain improvements
  • Can load any (almost) kind of 3d model file e.g. .obj, .dae, etc…
  • GUI (mainly tweak for now) system
  • Multiple shader passing
  • Better camera system
  • Font / Text System
  • Lights (only directional for now)
  • And of course, some bugs fixed!

So I’m soon going to update my Cuboid Engine page. And furthermore, I’m soon going to post some pictures of the new/updated website, Utoping!