An Update

So I havn’t written onto this blog for a while, and there’s quite good reasons for that.

I realized that my engine ran poorly in terms of performance, so I decided to rewrite it, took about 2 weeks to do so, and I’m much more happy with the result, even though not everything is in place, such as the physics system is a bit bugged out, not too much though, but graphically it’s much better, following the footsteps of physically based shading.

And the 2nd reason is that my PC died, the processor was somehow damaged, but I suspect that I was actually given a “broken” pc from the start, as the symptons started early on. So it’s been hard finding any time to program, as I’m currently using an older that does not have support for the newer versions of Directx, which blocks my development for my engine.

Although it’s not because I havn’t been programming at all, I’ve been using my brother desktop for programming when he’s not using it, but he’s rarely away from it, for one┬áreasons, it’s powerful as hell, even though I assembled and selected the parts for it.

And the exams are coming up, which means that I wont have a lot of time for programming or anything close to that, though after the exam period I’m going to resolve the no pc situation.