Soft Shadow Mapping – Glow Maps – Bloom – Cuboid Engine

Hi guys!

First few notes:

  • Bloom has been improved: Blurring the final result to get a better output, and more natural
  • General Improvements and optimizations

New system called Materials:

Each object has it’s own material, an editor is made.
Material Order Rendering is soon going to be made

Glow Maps has been implemented! Make the object SHINE!

Shadow mapping has been re-implemented in the new material system, and has new features! Soft Shadow Mapping, Process:

Render the raw map:


Blur it:


Apply the map in the post processing:


The next update it probably going to be about skinning, as I’m implementing it now, though there are some problems 🙂 !

PS. There are many other new improvements/features, but I just don’t have the time right now to post them!


Cuboid Engine – Image Formats

Cuboid Engine with the help of DevIL can now load almost any image file format if the original Directx function fails, this helps me as many textures are in the format of .tga, which I couldn’t load before, but now I can.

Volumetric Light Scattering + Parallax Mapping – Cuboid Engine

In Cuboid Engine a rather interesting feature has been made, and still is being developed, Volumetric Light Scattering (also known as god rays), progress screenshot below:


The parallax mapping is still to be worked on, there is a result, but not exacly how it’s supposed to be yet.

And the engine has a new look and has a lot of new functionalities. Be aware that the abilities of the editor does not correspond to the abilities of Cuboid Engine, screenshot:


Editor Features: (Special: Save + Load)

  • Meshes
  • Terrain
  • Textures
  • Instancing
  • Sub Meshes
  • Terrain Vegetation (not done)
  • Lighting
  • Shadows
  • Skybox
  • Post Processing :
    Pixel Distortion (not done)
    God Rays (not done)
  • Debugging render targets
  • Fog
  • Ocean
  • Wind for Objects
  • Mesh Loading
  • Auto texture loading
  • Left hand system converting
  • Some other minor features

Happy Coding! 🙂