Cuboid Engine – Opts – Realtime GI

Hi guys!

It’s been a while since I posted so I thought I better give some kind of an update:

What has happened:

  • Volume Rendering Supported and works fully! (I’m on a separate pc, so I dont have a image right now)
  • Terrain Rendering improved (Displacement Mapping and some other stuff)
  • Voxel Cone Tracing being Implemented (Realtime solution for Global Illumination)
  • Material Parser now works with Volumes, Terrains and Meshes.
  • Material Based rendering (MBR) (Optimization)
  • Mask and Specular maps are now hard coded.
  • And a lot of other minour stuff.


The next post will include some screenshots!


CDK – Shader Example

The previous post mentioned a small gem shader, and I thought that I would share the result, the shader itself is simple, but yet the outcome is great.

gem_01 gem_02 gem_03