It’s Alive!

The AI in the RTS ( A small game I’m slowly developing on) is working, obviously not finished, all they start with is, one building on each team and some resources, from which they automatically start repopulating from, so right now they’re building houses and warriors. ๐Ÿ™‚



I just thought I’d share some screenshots. ๐Ÿ™‚


Hi guys!

So lately I haven’t really been posting, as school started again, and it’s been a bit stressy though I’m starting to find a good pace now.

So what I’ve been doing:

  • Materials System Improved alot! (Example below)
  • Added support for geometry shaders in materials
  • God Rays re-implemented, much better now
  • Terrain Displacement mapping improved
  • A more organised way of handling buffers
  • Physics improved, fixed actually (Some weird bug)
  • And other minour things

But! My actual attention has been going to my ultra secret project, Cuboid RTS (Not so secret anymore…), a real-time-strategy (RTS) game being developed with Cuboid Engine and C++. What’s working so far:

  • NPCs
    -Finds and gathers resources, though the target finding AI is done through the players AI
    -Kills other NPCs
    -Two main types: Offensive (Attack Attack Attack!), Defensive (Workers, their damage is very low)
  • Structures
    -Safehouse / House (Resources are dropped here)
  • Resources
  • The World (Visually)
    -Randomly (100%) generated
    -Models by Nobiax onย deviantart (Not so random after all ๐Ÿ˜€ )
  • Players
    -Naturally Fight Eachother

Now the really cool part of this is that, if I suddenly wanted a new resource, e.g. Gold, I just open my resources.cfg, and add this line: \nGold, bam! That’s it, now whenever I have a resource and it contains gold, I simply add Gold: [30]; In the resources section of the file (All resources/npcs/structures and players are loaded from files, which shows the paths of the models and the configuration).

That’s more or less what I’ve been doing, and btw, here’s how a simple material would look now:

// Copyright 2013 Miguel Petersen, all rights served to him bitches!

shader "GrassGenerator"
		Info = "A shader which generates grass patches";

	// Considered to be global
		Texture2D t_random;

	// All extra functions, vars, or something goes in here
		static const int nGrassVertices = 7;
		static const int nGrassPrTri = 3;

		void ViewProject(inout float4 pos)
			pos = mul(pos, viewMatrix );
			pos = mul(pos, projectionMatrix );

		float GetRandSeed( float3 rootPos )
			return clamp( (sin( (1.57*frac(rootPos.z) + 1.57*frac(rootPos.x)) )*2.0 - 1.0),0,1);

		static const float	WindCoeff[7] =
			{0, 0, 0.02, 0.02, 0.04, 0.04, 0.09}

		static const float2 windVec = float2(1,1);

		void GenerateGrassTriangles(float3 rootPos, VOut sample, in TriangleStream<VOut> TriStream)
			// Ultra secret code

	// Modes: drawindexed, draw
			output.position = position;

		// max_vertices needs to be specified
		geometry(input = point; output = triangle; max_vertices = 7;)
			// Generate straw of grass
			GenerateGrassTriangles(input[0], input, OutStream);

			output.Diffuse = float4(0,1,0,1);