BRDF Shading – Cuboid Engine

So lately I’ve been going around optimizing stuff and implementing new cool features. And I’ve also been going around making things more flexible and removing old deprecated things, which is always good. And, one vital thing, is that I discovered that my blurring shaders we’re extremely heavy, therefore I’m now rendering them in 1/4th of the screens size, increasing performance in a mid heavy scene, from 30 to 50-60 fps.

I’ve never really been a fan of the prebaked lens flares, but then I found this amazing person, who has this great algorithm for generating them, or close:

And the result from this in my engine were better than I expected, so, overall I’m happy with them.

Now on the more serious note, this BRDF shading is a hot topic, and some of it has to do with being physically accurate, and produce great results. So I’ve been reading a bit here and there, but today I tried to implement them, and I’m really satisfied with the result:

Dragon Example, [ Roughness = 0.2, Roughness = 0.5, Roughness = 1.0 ]

d0_2 d0_5 d1

Plane Example, [ Roughness = 0.15, Roughness = 0.25, Roughness = 1.0 ]

p0-15p0_25  p1

General Example [ Roughness = 0.25, Roughness = 1.0 ]

r0_25 r1


This shading model looks exiting, I’m definitely going to look more into it!